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mount katahdin

Google announced a major update and Impending Doom To all sites that are not Mobile Friendly

Just like a storm atop Mt. Katahdin, Google is about to shake things up with non mobile friendly websites.

And when I say Mobile Friendly I am referring to their interpretation…

On April 21st, Google will penalize all non-mobile friendly sites on all mobile search results.

This is about 50% of total web traffic today (including tablets).

Over the last 18 months or so Google has made changes to its algorithm ‘favoring’ mobile friendly sites in all search results. Now for the first time, Google is providing a Deadline to be Mobile Compliant!

What will happen if your site is not Mobile friendly by April 21st?

You will be removed from search results across all mobile devices and likely take a hit in organic also, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Google is sharing the deadline this time to give you a last chance to re-develop your website to be mobile/tables friendly. Or Else…

You should work toward having a mobile-friendly website by April 21 otherwise you may very well experience a dramatic decline in website visibility.

Here is the official announcement on the Google Blog from last week.


Recommended steps:

(1) Test your site using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page. Simply enter your website address into the box and click Analyze.


(2) If you do not pass the mobile test, then you need to be making arrangements to re-develop your website soon. While the exact penalties are no disclosed by Google, the warning signs are there and should be taken seriously.

(3) Contact your webmaster to help you re-develop your website to be mobile-friendly. If your current site cannot be fixed or you need an alternate solution, contact us to see if we can help.

Give us a call 888-851-1784 or email us: support@resilientsolutionswebhosting.com

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