Resilient Solutions LLC is please to offer other businesses or entrepreneurs an opportunity to participate in our Business Referral Program.  Our referral program is for new business contracts for web design work.

Program Details:

* Refer a business or organization needing web design services.
* If that entity contracts with us,  you will  receive a referral fee within 30 days of full payment received for web design fees. (Note: Web Hosting services are not included for referral fee)


1. Your refer a business who contracts for a web design for $1295.00
2. Upon site completion, acceptance and payment by customer, the referral fee is sent
via PayPal account or check to you.
3. Current referral fee:  6%   Your referral fee:  $77.70

It’s that easy!

Please send your referral to us by filling out the form below.  We will contact you via email if your referral ends up paying us for their web design work.

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**Self-referring your own company or organization is not included in the Referral Program.**